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Honoring Our Heroes

Access to Vets

PeopleMakeUS actively holds a Corporate Advisory Board Seat with the California State Commanders Veterans Council


One of the Key Issues the council has a focus on is Employment: 

Veterans transitioning out of the service and into civilian careers have many of the skills, qualities and work ethic that employers look for in new hires. However, veterans continue to report the struggles they face while searching for new career opportunities. A survey conducted by Prudential and the IAVA revealed that nearly 70% of veterans struggled transitioning out of the service, with many reporting they were not prepared for the transition, and had difficulties with civilian employees not understanding or appreciating military culture. Pursuing higher education post-service and better equipping service members with the skills they need to better ease into civilian life are important to ensuring long-term success of veterans transitioning out of the service. The CSCVC supports programs and initiatives that better prepare service members transitions out of the military and into civilian careers.


Warriors to Work® Career Transition Specialist

Wounded Warrior Project

San Antonio, Texas

"When my Wounded Warriors transition out of the military, they are not looking for a handout or charity. They are looking for careers that are meaningful, purposeful, and fulfilling. While some veterans certainly appreciate hearing, "Thank you for your service," they need more. I have coached hundreds of Wounded Warriors about to make the transition out of the military. The common goal I hear is that they want work that leverages their skills and talents, and also have a sense of purpose for themselves, their employer, and the communities they serve. PeopleMakeUS has really impressed me and hired almost 10 of my Wounded Warriors in the past 6 months. They stayed committed to working on their program and developing a model that embraces the challenges of the Wounded Warrior community. The PeopleMakeUS acquisition team have hired, trained, and lead several Wounded Warriors towards success. Now some of those Wounded Warriors are on the corporate leadership team at PeopleMakeUS. I commend PeopleMakeUS for making the commitment to hire our Wounded Warriors and I look forward to a strong partnership for many years to come. Thank you PeopleMakeUS for empowering our Wounded Warriors, employing our Wounded Warriors, and making it possible for our Wounded Warriors to engage in their own communities."

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Transitioning Veterans

PeopleMakeUS is focused on working with Transitioning Veterans from the Military to Civilian Workforce.

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Service Disabled Veterans

PeopleMakeUS is connecting Service Disabled Veterans to Contingent-to-Permanent positions.


Client participation is required. 


Connecting Nationally

Technology & Professional skill sets

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